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Do You Really Need a Mobile WiFi Hotspot?

Why use a mobile hotspot?


After all there are other solutions to get connected when mobile like using your phone or public WiFi.

The truth is, these all have major drawbacks and can’t match the convenience and security of your own portable WiFi hotspot.


 Don’t waste your phone’s data!

Using your phone for anything that needs lots of data can quickly drain your plan, leaving you lacking for the rest of the month. With a mobile hotspot you can switch to mobile WiFi and feel safe that your phone data is still there if you need it.


Stop Wasting Phone Batteries!

 Your phone battery will be saved by switching to a portable WiFi hotspot. Using a smart phone as a hotspot is drains batteries extremely quickly and could leave you stranded in some awkward spots. You use up enough batteries as is, even without turning on it’s hotspot function.


Connect Plenty of Extra Devices!

 Phone hotspots can only reliably connect to a few devices, and even when connected can easily be dropped. This leads to weak signals and slow speeds. This makes phone hotspots unreliable in many situations.


Avoid Deadly Data Cutoff

 Using phone data makes it easier for connections to be dropped. This can be a nightmare when you need your connection to download or upload something important, or are trying to have an important conversation.


Talk and Play

Trying to use data when talking on the phone can be extremely annoying. Using a portable WiFi connection you can don’t have to hang up on your chatterbox friend, just peacefully scroll through Twitter.


Don’t Let Carriers Take You Hostage!

 Don’t depend on any carriers. Carriers can be unreliable in services coverage, and worst of all, speed. SIMless WiFi hotspots like Urozetta Cloud can connect automatically to the best local connection, for the fastest data anywhere.

 Restrictive and expensive contracts with carriers also become unnecessary – avoid expensive mandatory contracts for fast speeds


What Are You Waiting For?  Get Your Hotspot Now!

 Urozetta WiFi Mobile hotspots have you covered!

With replaceable SIM and SIMless versions you can be connected anywhere and anytime. Data is pay as you go, so you will never be hit with expensive charges or hidden fees. With the Urocomm App and a Urozetta Cloud you can use it to buy data for almost any country in the world! Always be connected with Urozetta WiFi from Urocomm.



Nov 09, 2020
Alexa vulnerability report
 decribe the issue version expected behavior state Press wake button can not dismiss the alarm,  when the alarm is playing. 111 Press wake button could dismiss the alarm,  when the alarm is playing. close  Commond as "Set a cooking timer for 10 secs",When timer plays, Alexa's response do not include the words "your cooking." 111 When the timer expires, Alexa responds "your cooking is done." close  When I create a new notification, Visual cue only  play once. 111 When notification comes, Visual cue loops until clear the Notification queue.Visual cue loops when a customer has a queue of unheard Notifications until the customer clears the Notification queue. close  Visual cue didn't play after the end of every complete interaction 111 Visual cue plays one time after the end of every complete interaction.“notification arrives” and “queued notifications”, device use the correct patterns and colors.  close  play Katy Perry on iHeartRadio.We see the previous button 111 Previous button  should be hidden close  For devices that do not support a web browser:there is not education screen instructs the customer to download the alexa app 111 For devices that do not support a web browser:I have verified that text on the user education screen instructs the customer to download the alexa app on their mobile device if no companion app exists close  Test steps:1. Set an alarm (multi-turn).2. After being asked "for what time," answer the time that is 1 minute from now.3. Once alarm is set, power off the device for 2 or more minutes. 4. Power the device on again.After step 4 ,device does not show the visual cues. 111 Looping should continue until the customer stops the Alarm, or for one hour, whichever comes first. close  After account cancellation, the device not show login pages.  111 After account cancellation, the device should show login pages.  close  The GUI button's style cannot satisfy alexa button appearance 111 GUI buttons as wake buttons should use the Alexa logo in either white (against a dark background), squid ink or black (against a light background), or Alexa blue.we choose Alexa blue. close  Device is muted, Visual cue color is red 111 white is used to show that the device state is changed in some way, such as volume changed or muted. close  I give a command as "Ask Alexa to read kindle book.", Alexa resopond me the book name,  then alexa suddenly  aborted.  111 Alexa start to read Kindle book. already fixed it. close 
Jul 03, 2020
Why Remote Work Is The Future – And How You Should Prepare
  Covid-19 will reshape the way we all think about work. It already has had a massive impact on the way we live. But how can it shape the future of your working life?   Because many jobs today only need a computer, many companies are telling their employees to work from home during the Covid-19 health crisis. Meetings, conferences and client appointments can all be held online with video chat   Think beyond working from home Most people enjoy the freedom of working from home, at least in the short term. Having no need to get up early, commute or wear work clothes can make your day a lot more relaxed.   Despite this, there may be distractions like kids, roommates or noisy neighbors that may make you long for the office.   But don’t request to go back too soon! With a portable WiFi hotspot, the world can be your office!   Urozetta WiFi hotspots allow you to get WiFi time and anywhere around the world. You don’t have to be stuck in the same place, tethered to your home WiFi.       Travel and work can become one.   Just take a moment to think about the opportunities. If you can work from home you can work from anywhere!   After things go back to normal and travel becomes safer, a whole new world of possibilities will open up, literally.   Imagine visiting Rome is your dream holiday? Why wait for a vacation when you can bring your laptop and experience daily life as a real Roman!     Start getting ready now   There is no telling how long the remote work trend will last for most people, but many think it will become a permanent aspect of many companies’ policies. Management may like saving on office space, and will be able to pay less for workers living in less expensive areas.   This is why those who can should start preparing for a long term remote work lifestyle as soon as possible. If you have the possibility of doing remote work, you should get on the cutting edge now. Start getting used to making everywhere your office. Start to explore and find work places that fit you best.   To make working anywhere as easy as possible you definitely need a pocket Wi-Fi device. Urozetta WiFi Hotspots from Urocomm are the most advanced WiFi hotspots available today, with data for over 200 countries around the world!   If you don’t have a job that can do remote work, it may be wise to consider a change in careers. Through the power of the internet, the opportunities to start your own business or be a freelancer are growing every day.