Break the network barriers of home, office and location coverage and contracts. Open your business, consumers and products to the high speeds of global connection, providing unique solutions and services through cutting-edge SIM, hotspot and device solutions.

Unleash your company’s global connection with Urocomm
Interface Diversely

Combine the Multi-IMSI pre-installation method and the OTA method and flexibly
interface with various operators.

Integrate Completely

Our physical SIM and eSIM systems adapt with a range of terminals for complete
industry solutions.

Manage Independently

Through intelligent phone number selection, intelligent background control processes,
SIM card writing, activation, renewal, package configuration, etc. can be processed
quickly and independently by channel dealers or users.

Connect Globally

Collaboration between sister company, Ulink, opens operation to over 50 offline outlets
in China as well as online sales channels for mainstream eCommerce – helping
potential expansion into the global market.

What we do
Service Provider

Simply providing global roaming data services, delivering and facilitating connectivity
in an interconnected network.

Equipment Manufacturer

Providing SIM cards, WiFi hotspots and eSIM technology for resellers, distributors and

Urozetta SIMs

With combination of function requirements and industry support, Urocomm has two
cross border SIM models: card and chip. Available in physical SIM or digital eSIM, the
Urozetta International Data SIM is a contract-free, cross-border data SIM card suitable
for any device with cellular capabilities. With quick setup and mobile top up,
automatically connect and stay connected wherever you go. Learn More

Platform Provider

Creating out-of-the-box or customized platforms, apps, software, etc. that can be used
to manage related equipment and services.

Our management platforms allow service providers to design track and manage data
packages for Macaroon MiFi, Urozetta hotspots and Urozetta SIM and eSIM enabled

The Urocomm App platform is also available, allowing users to manage hotspot and
SIM data and purchase data independently.

Remote SIM Provisioning (RSP)

Our RSP platform allows SIM card and SIM card embedded devices the ability to adjust
and manage data over the air without switching SIM cards – regardless of movement
between countries. Learn More

Business & Operation Support System (BOSS)

A platform allowing businesses to manage the Urozetta SIM, eSIM and devices.
Learn More

Custom Services

Custom services are available for various combinations of all three areas of operation. 

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