Macaroon M1

Portable Global WiFi Router

Wi-Fi Data in 200+ Countries

What can you do with the world’s most advanced Wi-Fi Hotspot?

Share your travels with friends and family
Stay connected with video calls
Explore outdoors without limits
Watch your favorite shows anywhere

Stay Connected to What Matters Most at Home or Around the World

Powerful and Convenient

Extend Your Power with More Power Time

Explore even longer with Macaroon’s modular power bank. It attaches to your Macaroon with a perfect fit and contains a powerful long lasting battery that can charge your Macaroon and other devices.

Make Your Travel More Easier

Small and lightweight, it combines the power of a pocket WiFi hotspot with SIMless global mobile data.

Macaroon is the world’s most convenient Wi-Fi hotspot

Sleek circular design with charging cable built in.

How to Get Connected with Urozetta eSIM

You are in Control with the Urocomm App

Monitor Data Usage | Recharge Your Data | Control Your Device