macaroon Global WiFi Hotspot by Urocomm

Macaroon Mobile WiFi Hotspot

Stay Connected To What Matters Most

At Home or Around the World

The Macaroon is the world’s most convenient Wi-Fi hotspot.

Small and lightweight, it combines the power of a pocket WiFi hotspot with SIMless global mobile data.

Providing safe connections around the world, the device offers the fastest 4G LTE data from the best local networks.

  • Fast and private global Wi-Fi data
  • Works in 200+ Countries
  • Pay As You Go
  • Charging cable-built in
  • Seamlessly integrates with optional Macaroon power bank
  • No SIM Cards Required
  • Visual Display Menu for Easy Control
  • Connect up to 10 devices at once


Contract-free worldwide coverage

Whether crossing borders or getting coffee down the road, the knowledge of connectivity allows you to experience something wondrous without being tied down by a commitment.

Stable and private 4G LTE

With the Macaroon MiFi, we have a stable 4G LTE connection just for you and ensure that you can leap into all of life’s spontaneous moments with both feet and without concern about where it will take you.

Connect up to 10 devices

We hope you are not carrying around 10 devices on your everyday adventures, but, if you are, Macaroon MiFi has you covered.