UROCOMM Member Service Agreement

Update time of this version: September 13, 2021

Opening and Introduction
Welcome to use UROCOMM member user service! This service is provided by Urocomm International Limited (referred to as: UROCOMM)
In order to use the UROCOMM member user service (referred to as service), please carefully read, understand and abide by the "UROCOMM Member Service Agreement" (referred to as agreement).

1. Definition and Explanation of Agreement
1.1UROCOMM Member User and Account
If you need to use and enjoy the UROCOMM member user service, you need to log in to the UROCOMM app with the email or mobile phone number you have the right to use. After logging in, you can purchase the membership service. After the purchase is successful, you can enjoy the corresponding membership rights and interests within the validity period. Also referred to as "you", "user" or "member" under this agreement.
1.2 Service
UROCOMM member user service, that is, the membership rights and special services that UROCOMM member users can enjoy in UROCOMM. The specific content is subject to the description on the "Pricing and Purchase" page.
1.3UROCOMM Membership User Rules
That is, the UROCOMM member provider's user rules, activity rules, usage rules, announcements, tips, notices and online FAQs, etc., issued and revised from time to time by the UROCOMM member provider.
1.4 Account Data
Refers to the various data recorded by the server during your use of UROCOMM, including but not limited to login records, browsing records, upload files (including but not limited to files, videos, etc.) records, operation behavior logs, purchase logs, recharges Records, membership level, membership period, member assets and other data.

2. UROCOMM Member Account Management and Use
If you need to use and enjoy the UROCOMM member user service, you need to authorize the login on the UROCOMM app with your mobile phone number or email address that you have the right to use. After logging in, you can open a member account to become a UROCOMM member user account, enjoy the corresponding membership rights within the validity period, and you will be a UROCOMM member user within the validity period of the membership time. Your application, use, and cancellation of the mobile phone account or mailbox shall comply with the specifications of the "Service Agreement" revised and published by UROCOMM from time to time.
After logging in, you can view the activated service period and use the activated service functions.

2.2 Account Management
You should correctly use, properly keep and maintain your UROCOMM member user account and password. In case of any leakage, loss, theft, etc., and such behavior is not caused by UROCOMM's statutory fault, all losses will be borne by you;

3.UROCOMM Member User Service Special Agreement
3.1About charges
Automatic deduction will be initiated on the second day [Beijing time] of enjoying membership rights. You must pay the corresponding fees of the previous day in accordance with the charging standards of this service before you can use this service. If the deduction fails, UROCOMM will recover the membership rights of the account and require you to pay the arrears through legal forms.
UROCOMM may modify and change the relevant rights and interests rules, charging standards, methods, etc. of the service according to the overall plan of the service. The aforementioned modifications and changes will be displayed on the corresponding service page.

3.2.1 You should pay in accordance with the agreement through the existing payment method designated by UROCOMM or the method designated in the future. After the payment is completed, no transfer or refund request is allowed.
3.2.2 When you activate the membership service, UROCOMM will charge part of the fee when you first activate it, indicating that you confirm and agree to use this payment method as a subsequent automatic deduction. The payment will be returned to the original payment method on the next day [Beijing time] . If the deduction fails, the activation process will stop and a new payment method needs to be changed.

3.3Terms of Service
3.3.1 The term of this service is automatic renewal. If you need to stop the service, you can turn off the membership service on the corresponding page of this service. After the closure, the membership service will end on the next day [Beijing time]. If you don’t turn it off, the default is automatic Renewal.
3.3.2 This service is post-paid, and UROCOMM has the right to unilaterally terminate the service according to its own circumstances if the deduction fails.

4.Suspension, Termination and Change of Service
4.1 The suspension or termination of this service includes the following situations:
4.1.1 The user voluntarily suspends or terminates, including but not limited to failure to renew upon expiration, etc;
4.1.2 UROCOMM voluntarily suspends or terminates the service due to user breach of contract;
4.1.3 UROCOMM suspends or terminates the service due to the requirements of the state or relevant departments or when a force majeure event occurs;
4.1.4 Other services that should be suspended or terminated in accordance with laws and regulations.

4.2 Suspension or handling after termination due to your fault
4.2.1 Except for the responsibilities stipulated by law, UROCOMM APP shall not bear any responsibility for the user or any third party for the suspension or termination of this service;
4.2.2 The fees collected will not be refunded;
4.2.3 For ongoing platform transactions, UROCOMM APP will reasonably judge whether to continue or terminate related transactions based on the circumstances, and decide whether to refund fees or deduct related fees as liquidated damages based on the circumstances.

5.1 Effectiveness of the agreement
Your use this service means that you have read and agreed to be bound by this agreement.

5.2 Place of signing the agreement
The place of signing of this agreement is the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China.

5.3 Applicable Law
The establishment, entry into force, performance, interpretation and dispute resolution of this agreement shall be governed by the laws of the mainland of the People’s Republic of China (excluding conflict of laws).

5.4 Dispute Resolution
If any disputes or disputes occur between you and UROCOMM, they should first be settled through friendly negotiation; if the negotiation fails, you agree to submit the disputes or disputes to the jurisdiction of the people's court with jurisdiction in the place where this agreement is signed.

Automatic Renewal Service Rules
If you click to subscribe, activate and use the UROCOMM membership automatic deduction service, it is deemed that you agree to these rules. You understand and agree:
This service is an automatic deduction service provided for you on the premise that you have activated the UROCOMM membership service. If you subscribe to this service, your UROCOMM membership service will initiate an automatic deduction the day after you use it, and the relevant fees of the previous day will be deducted from your bound deduction account balance. The premise of this service is that you have opened and bound a payment account, and can successfully deduct money from the above account. The risk and/or loss of renewal failure due to insufficient deductible balance in the above account shall be borne by you.
This agreement is an agreement between you and UROCOMM regarding your use of this service.
Subscription cycle: Automatic renewal.
After purchasing UROCOMM membership service, it will be issued on the day after each billing period [Beijing time], and the account will be automatically deducted and the membership service validity period corresponding to the billing period will be extended.
If you need to cancel the UROCOMM membership function, please manually open the UROCOMM APP "personal center" --> Enter "member management" --> click "member service".
Refund Agreement:(https://www.umacaroon.com/declaration.html