Urozetta Cloud Pro

Urozetta Cloud Pro



Feel The Freedom To Roam

Mobile Wi-Fi in 200+ Countries with Just One Hotspot!

Stay Connected To What Matters MostAt Home or Around the World

The Urozetta Cloud Pro is the world’s most advanced Wi-Fi hotspot.t combines the comforts of home with voice AI Assistance and travel conveniences with language translation, and touch screen control.

Pay As You Go Data      

EasilyRecharge Data ThroughApp    

No SIM CardsRequired


Your Urozetta WiFi device

Data in 200+ Countries

Intelligent AI & Speaker

Multilingual translation

Easily buy short term Data Packages in our Global Data store. Only pay for data you need. Get connected easily with no need to buy our change local SIM cards.

Have your very own travel assistant with advanced voice AI. Get travel recommendations, play games, and listen to music with Urozetta’s powerful speaker. Share the fun of travelling together with family and friends.

Don’t be held back from the language barrier. Urozetta offers instantaneous voice translation so you can communicate with the world. Make friends, go shopping and never get lost when travelling far from home.


 What can you do with the world most advanced Wi-Fi Hotspot?

The Freedom to Explore Your World 

Make the World Your Office

Stay Safe and Secure

Flexible Contract-Free Data

Explore your town, county, or your world with no boundaries. For just a day or a whole year. Solo, with friends, or with family. Urozetta will keep you connected to the most important things in life wherever you are.

With fast 4G data,and a highly secure connection you never have to be stuck in the office again.Work in the park, on the beach or around the world. Embrace your freedom to inspire your work and boost your productivity.

Protect the privacy of you and your family. Urozetta Wi-Fi gives you a private and encrypted connection wherever you are. Stay safe from hackers and never be exposed to dangerous public WiFi.

Don’t get stuck with restrictive and expensive data contracts. Only pay for data you need with pay-as-you-go pricing. Pick the short term data plans that fit you best, by the day or by the GB.


Urozetta Wi-Fi is Easy To Set Up and Use

Step1 Step2 Step3 Step4

Download the free Urocomm App

Connect your device with the Urocomm App

Buy a data package from Urocomm App or Urocomm.com

Congratulations – You are connected and free to roam!

  Find More Detailed Instructions Here ( download )

You Are In Control With the Urocomm App


Easily Manage Your Device With The Urocomm App,Monitor Data Usage, Recharge Your Data, Control Your Device,Download the FREE Urocomm App Now To Get Started.



    Be connected with the touch of a button. When data is desired, it is great to have a device that automatically gives you what you want – no SIM required.

    Language Translator

    Powered by Microsoft Translator, break the language barrier and get real-time translation wherever you go in five languages.


    As you experience knew people, places and things, have a travel buddy that will speak to you and for you.


    Customize your Urozetta device to your preferences for your adventure with simple and easy screen that any smartphone user would be familiar with.

    Contract-free Woldwide Coverage
    Contract-free worldwide coverage

    Whether crossing borders or getting coffee down the road, the knowledge of connectivity allows you to experience something wondrous without being tied down by a commitment.

    Stable and private 4G LTE
    Stable and private 4G LTE

    With the Urozetta Cloud Pro, we have a stable 4G LTE connection just for you and ensure that you can leap into all of life’s spontaneous moments with both feet and without concern about where it will take you.

    Breathing Light

    When you turn your device on, you will know the status of your connection by an alternating light with easily recognizable colors.

    Urozetta Mobile Wifi
    First-class connection. First of its kind.
    • AI Assistance & Alexa Features
      A virtual assistant and all the perks of personalized services with Alexa
      Customize and understand your device with a simple and easy screen
      Be connected with the touch of a button – no SIM required.
      Breathing Light
      Turn your device on and know the connection status with intuitive light
      Supporting APP
      Find everything Urocomm in one place, bringing assistance one tap away
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    • Urozetta Cloud
    • Urozetta Pro
    • Urozetta Cloud Standard
    • Urozetta Standard
    Urozetta Mobile Wifi
    First-class connection. First of its kind.