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Why a contract free mobile hotspot is your best choice.

Everyone knows dealing with data providers can be very frustrating.

Carriers with low prices have bad coverage and carriers with good coverage have high prices.

Major carriers will demand contracts that lock you in and can come with hidden charges and fees.

Carriers can slow down or drop with errors or network slowdowns leaving you without fast data when you need it most.

Everyone is using them so when you want to have a night Netflix session, everyone will slow down together.


What is the solution?

Contract free data with a mobile hotspot can give you the solution you need to avoiding these headaches.

Not all mobile hotspots come with contract free data, so you have to make sure before you buy.

Mobile hotspots are a great way to save money. By only buying data when you need, you can save on high monthly fees. This way you never have to pay for data you don’t need.


Contracts may have some advantages, but paying big monthly fees can be a big hit to the wallet.

Pay as you go has major advantages, allowing you to get the biggest bang for your buck! You get fast, unthrottled speed as soon as you need it.



Mobile hotspots are awesome. They pack fast internet access into tiny, pocketable devices so you never have to be without fast, secure WiFi.


You can get a reliable, secure internet connection, anywhere that can serve both as your main data source and a backup when you need it most.


What about “free” public WiFi?


Do you love using free public WiFi ? Public WiFi seems like a great choice for digital nomads, travelers, and people who love to work in Starbucks.

Not so fast, it’s not as free as you think! Public WiFi is unsecure and could leave you open to costly security hacks. Hackers love public WiFi and will often search them out because they are so unsecure and easy to hack.

You could be exposing your personal and business information to criminals, making you extremely vulnerable to hacking.


Not only that, but public WiFi can be slow and cut out. This can make uploading or downloading important files impossible when you need it most.

When you need to be online you need to be on online.  Interruptions,lack of signal, cutoffs can be deadly. Without a backup you could be left in some difficult spots.


The solution is a pocket WiFi device!Having a personal WiFi hotspot gives you a secure personal connection with a password that will not be easily shared with hackers.



Urozetta WiFi Smartspot

Having a Urozetta WiFi device will not only solve these problems, but can offer you a whole new range of features.

Urozetta WiFi are not just hotspots, but Smartspots”, with powerful features such as instant voice translation and Amazaon Alexa capability.

You can talk to your pocket WiFi just like you personal assistant.

It can be used at home, in the car, or while traveling, and is perfect for anyone who uses data on the go!


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Jul 03, 2020
Why Remote Work Is The Future – And How You Should Prepare
  Covid-19 will reshape the way we all think about work. It already has had a massive impact on the way we live. But how can it shape the future of your working life?   Because many jobs today only need a computer, many companies are telling their employees to work from home during the Covid-19 health crisis. Meetings, conferences and client appointments can all be held online with video chat   Think beyond working from home Most people enjoy the freedom of working from home, at least in the short term. Having no need to get up early, commute or wear work clothes can make your day a lot more relaxed.   Despite this, there may be distractions like kids, roommates or noisy neighbors that may make you long for the office.   But don’t request to go back too soon! With a portable WiFi hotspot, the world can be your office!   Urozetta WiFi hotspots allow you to get WiFi time and anywhere around the world. You don’t have to be stuck in the same place, tethered to your home WiFi.       Travel and work can become one.   Just take a moment to think about the opportunities. If you can work from home you can work from anywhere!   After things go back to normal and travel becomes safer, a whole new world of possibilities will open up, literally.   Imagine visiting Rome is your dream holiday? Why wait for a vacation when you can bring your laptop and experience daily life as a real Roman!     Start getting ready now   There is no telling how long the remote work trend will last for most people, but many think it will become a permanent aspect of many companies’ policies. Management may like saving on office space, and will be able to pay less for workers living in less expensive areas.   This is why those who can should start preparing for a long term remote work lifestyle as soon as possible. If you have the possibility of doing remote work, you should get on the cutting edge now. Start getting used to making everywhere your office. Start to explore and find work places that fit you best.   To make working anywhere as easy as possible you definitely need a pocket Wi-Fi device. Urozetta WiFi Hotspots from Urocomm are the most advanced WiFi hotspots available today, with data for over 200 countries around the world!   If you don’t have a job that can do remote work, it may be wise to consider a change in careers. Through the power of the internet, the opportunities to start your own business or be a freelancer are growing every day.
Jun 28, 2020
Do all Wi-Fi hotspots need SIM cards?
 Searching for a portable WiFi hotspot can be difficult. After a quick Google search, many brands and types of pocket WiFi devices show up. Not only are you confronted with a wide variety, but they have many difficult to understand technical specifications.   So do all portable WiFi hotspots need SIM cards? No!   Recent technological advancements have made it so SIM cards can be embedded into the device. These new SIM’s or “eSIM” are a big advancement over older traditional SIMS. This means you can buy and use the device without worrying about buying a SIM card. The SIM cards can be reprogrammed over the air so you can change your SIM card info digitally without worrying about a physical SIM.     Advantages of a SIMless hotspot.   SIMless pocket WiFi has many advantages over a SIM card using device. A built in SIM take us less space so the device can be smaller. SIM cards are also easy to loose, not a problem if it’s built in! SIM cards are also prone to breaking easier. An internal SIM is also more secure and harder to hack.   Do I need a buy a contract for a WiFi hotspot?   No! Many providers of portable WiFi devices require a monthly contract to get access data. This keeps you paying for data you don’t need, and getting throttled after you go over your data allowance. If you don’t like being stuck in contracts, you need to look at a pay as you go plan for your mobile router hotspot.   What is the best portable WiFi Hotspot? The best hotspots on the market are Urozetta WiFi Hotspots by Urocomm. Urozetta Hotspots are built using both eSIM and standard SIM technology so you can choose which one you like best! All data is pay as you go, so you don’t worry about paying for contracts. You can also get an advanced touch screen enabled device, with an AI assistant, voice translator and the ability to play music! Get yours today!